Collection: MOREAU

Established in 1882, Moreau Paris is a luxury brand with a rich history, dating back to when it was an official supplier of leather goods to Emperor Napoleon I. Maison Moreau's authenticity stems from exceptional French craftsmanship, evident in both the manufacturing process and the meticulous selection of materials used. Maison Moreau’s iconic check pattern, inspired by interlocking wicker stems traditionally used in late 19th-century travel goods, is a hallmark of the brand. This unique signature print is reimagined on calf leather using a semi-manual paint application technique, resulting in vibrant and deep colors that enhance the elegance of their totes and accessories.  By honoring its French heritage, Maison Moreau creates timeless handbags and small leather goods that blend functionality and elegance. Each piece is designed to improve with age, reflecting the brand's dedication to quality and timeless style.