Alexander McQueen Launches MCQ
A Blockchain-Powered Creative Platform

This is what Alexander McQueen’s MCQ is doing with their new technology-driven label and platform - an ever-shifting collective that partners with new creatives each cycle and gives collaborators complete freedom to express themselves in ways most fashion houses could never accommodate. This idea itself completely dismantles the fashion world as we know it, but that’s not all.

Often the success of a luxury brand is credited to the thinking of a brilliant creative designer breaking the rules of the past and ushering in the new-age. But, what if there existed a label that didn’t have a creative head at all, and instead freely handing the creative reigns to a rotating cast of collaborators?

As an Australian exclusive to Marais Boutiques, the addition of MCQ makes complete sense.



Each icon (or collection as the more traditional term) presented by MCQ is fully traceable through its digital platform MYMCQ — a first-of-its-kind system that uses blockchain and NFC technology to unlock innovative features.



Launching September 3rd, not only can MYMCQ deliver historical information on entire archives, but it’s also a media hub where anyone can interact with the label, access behind-the-scenes content, interviews with collaborators and other creatives within the MCQ community, and more.





MCQ partnered with Everledger, the blockchain-powered ledger startup, to build these features from the ground up, allowing anyone to discover everything there is to know about an item with one swipe of your phone - from where and when it was made to how many were produced and which collection it came from.


It’s total creative freedom in the true sense and a true new world.


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