“SURPRISE” Doublet FW19

Founded in 2012 by Masayuki Ino, Doublet has earned itself a name for creating cool and gender-netural pieces inspired by the youth scene. After taking home an award for the 2018 LVMH Grand Prize, Doublet continues to take fun pop culture references and creative details to elevate the brand with a focus on textiles innovation and experimentation.

For FW19, the theme collection is all about “SURPRISE!” – not to frighten people, but to bring the element of delight. Key pieces in the collection are focused on oversized and padded jackets. Faux fur with hand-painted images, special polaroid film pinned onto pieces and glow-in-the-dark treated items that will instil excitement to any curious customers.

In partnership with Marais as an exclusive stockist in Australia, a special, one-of-a-kind interactive installation that celebrations the element of “SURPRISE!” in time for Halloween from Friday the 13th of September. In the words of Ino himself, “it’s always better to experience [the collection] instead of explaining it by worlds.”

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